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About the work

The five objects shown at Priority Lane refer to the final design of the project Hidden Values, a series of five objects that do not suggest a specific function but leave space for the imagination. Challenged by a liberation of functionality, I designed universal objects with the potential to become what one sees in it. The value of each is revealed through the exploration of the individual. It was rather about designing possibilities than be–spoke functionalities. How to design possibilities without being suggestive?


is a piece of leather. The structure is almost invisible which makes the material hard to identify as such. At first glance the final object should appear as a simple, almost boring piece of material.


is a stone found outside. It is heavy and everlasting by nature, what already transports a value. The functionality usually emerges out of a spontaneously need as everyone needs a heavy object.


is nothing. It is invisible, see-through being barely more than a reflection of the space it is surrounded by. I liked to implement the balance between the visible and the invisible in the outcome.


is a piece of paper. Waiting to be filled. It appears as a space without content. The outcome should be easily readable and initially understood to introduce an accessible but undefined functionality.


is a paperclip. It easily holds things together, a connector with multipurpose, an icon of improvisation and appropriation.







Marlies Kolodziey

Graduate in Design, Man and Activity Department, Design Academy Eindhoven and Product Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach


"When I was asked to contribute a work for the Priority Lane, I thought about what kind of prioritizing happened to my projects in the past, due to fit into an exhibition, be presented as a finished product, or under which restraint were skimmed to be digitally readable on my website.

As a designer I realized that actually a lot of thoughts, process and information get lost on their way of being presented for a certain audience. A project is always the sum of all the work you do not see, not just the one you see. What we finally show is what remains after all the decisions we made before. I chose my recent project Hidden Values as a case study to investigate what remains of my work when I think about it being essentialized drastically.

I remembered thinking about the essence of design already when I started defining the objects that would transport my concept. I created visual starting points, characters that intrigued me, prioritized over all others and therefore lead to my final design. At the Priority Lane I want to give stage to these five little things that would become my work.